Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Installations

With burglary at an all-time high, it makes sense to install an “Abbey Security” intruder alarm before you have an unwanted visitor. Many of our customers are victims of crime and “most meant to do it but felt they could not afford it”.

Naturally they all wish they had moved this relatively inexpensive outlay a bit further up the priority list, and most were totally unaware that we could install systems from about half the cost of a new high tech T.V. set..

Taking all the above into account it seems fairly hard to believe that only around 1 in 20 houses are fitted with an alarm system.

Our wireless systems are very simple to operate, can be installed in around half a day and cause little disruption to the home.


It is a known fact that installing an alarm system virtually eliminates the risk of a break in from an opportunist criminal.

Here at Abbey Security we offer free surveys, advice, bespoke design service and a no obligation quotation


Many people believe that because they have cats or dogs they cannot have an intruder alarm system fitted. Modern technology has now made it possible to combine the two. Pet friendly sensors are now a reality and extremely reliable subject to correct installation.


To further enhance the system, it can be connected to the telephone system to call you or a friend, direct on landline or mobile. Alternately we can offer direct connection to a monitoring centre.